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Who don't I coach? Who do I coach?

There are so many specialties and niches in coaching. Let's start with who I DON'T coach.  I am not a coach who helps you prep for a bodybuilding or figure competition; I'm not a coach who helps you to lose body fat percentage into teens or single digets; I'm not a coach who can increase your sports performance; and I'm not a coach who can help you perform your tacticle profession better.

Now, who I DO coach.  I am very specifically, a coach who guides, mostly women, who are about fifty,  experiencing  the new challenges that entering that important milestone  brings. Like struggling with increased weight, more stress, possibly heading toward illness, maybe already living with type 2 diabetes or other health issues, and yet trying to navigate a healthier lifestyle.  And of course, as we reach the milestone of 50, we women are in perimenopause, menopause or post menopause, This also brings on a new way we must work toward optimal wellness beyond midlife for strong bones, healthy heart and cardiorespiratory function, and a focused brain. The most important factor is that the clients I coach MUST WANT TO take charge of their health and learn about what's best for their body and then TAKE ACTION and make those changes.  These small yet specific changes can truly transform the way you age, for the rest of your life!

Over the past decade, I have coached many individuals toward a healthier second half - healthier habits, healthier mind, and healthier, happier spirit with renewed zest for life! I coach you by showing you how to readjust lifestyle habits that will optimize how you feel in your body daily. How you move. How you lose fat and gain muscle, even in the face of fluctuating and lessening hormones at menopause, with health challenges and increasing age - by teaching you how to listen to your body and readjust your lifestyle habits and beliefs, as you sail through midlife and beyond.  

In more concise words - I coach you to AGE BETTER - and teach you how to design a HEALTHIER 50 + and a HEALTHIER MENOPAUSE.

Yes, it's possible!

Yes, It's what I do!

Yes, I can coach you to do it too!

This is very specifically what I do, and how I live my healthiest life as a woman who is now fifty-one, and  taking charge of and embracing her life!

If  who I coach reflects who you are, let's work together in creating a healthy lifestyle path that works for YOU.