Hello and Welcome! I'm Rochelle. 

I want to share my joy with you! For the past decade I've been fortunate to guide people over fifty - mostly women, to make the most of their second half through movement specific to their needs, and healthier lifestyle changes specific to their needs - that revitalize their energy for the longterm!
It fills me with joy to see them realize that, YES, they can take control of their health! And, YES, they do see that they can really design much of how they want their midlife, their menopause, and their decades beyond fifty to look like!  If you want to have more control over how you feel, how you sleep, how you lose fat, especially during perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause....... 
                                            I have solutions for you! 
If the things I've just mentioned above seem to be elusive to you, I can show you that you do have the power to take control of your health, and how you AGE - even if you're starting far beyond 50!
I'd love to coach you so you have the power to lay the foundation that supports healthy hormone balance, specific to what we women need in menopause - and help you to thrive far beyond fifty!  
* Guidance  *  Research-based information specific to women in menopause  *  Menopause focused Exercise  *  Hormone balancing Lifestyle Strategies  *