Hello and Welcome! I'm Rochelle. 

I'm a fitness professional who specializes in coaching women during perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause.  I'd love to coach you through proper exercise and lifestyle choices, so you have the power to lay the foundation that supports healthy hormone balance, specific to what we women need in menopause - and help you to thrive far beyond fifty!  
I coach women who want to redefine what it means to be over fifty, who want to move and eat in a way that supports a healthy post menopause, who want to take control of signs and symptoms so they won't progress into metabolic disease, like type 2 diabetes.
I coach women who want to more fully embrace their second half of life by helping themselves to AGE BETTER!  Through.....
* Guidance  *  Research-based information specific to women in menopause  *  Menopause focused Exercise  *  Hormone balancing Lifestyle Strategies  *
and most importantly: 
Encouraging you to seek answers  -  to help you to choose how you want to design Your Menopause!



Inland Empire, CA

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