Serving others is what I love to do; Here are some of my                                           amazing clients I've been blessed to know.

I have been seeing Rochelle for about six months now and have noticed that I've lost weight all over. My clothes are looser. I like her style of exercises. They are gentle but intense. Some are really intense but she keeps it safe and fun. Since I started seeing Rochelle I've lost about 15 lbs. I have more stamina and I do look forward to working out with her twice a week. I would recommend her to all my friends as a great physical trainer.  

Janice H. 56

I had a goal to sculpt visibly stronger shape in my arms, back and upper body. Rochelle's training helped me to reach my goal in my later 50's and feeling so fabulous and blessed!

Rosa R.  57

I had a great experience working with Rochelle. I wanted to get in better control of my weight, and also learn what types of exercises I could do that best benefit my individual needs. I wanted to get fitter to keep up with my toddler. I gradually changed over six months of training with Rochelle. She taught me to look at my progress in more than just weight lost. I lost twenty pounds and learned so much about what my body needs.

Molly A.  34

Rochelle is amazing! Not only did her strength training program help me shed fat, but her training definitely helps me to keep the fat off, build muscle and increase my metabolism greatly!! She designed challenging and fun strength training workouts for me. Rochelle is a fierce trainer and motivator.  I highly recommend Rochelle for any of your personal weight loss or strength and muscle building goals.

Amanda K.  28

I love Rochelle's training!  I feel great after she works with me. I feel better in my body since I began working with Rochelle. My family, and others around me are noticing the changes too. Recently, a stranger commented on my beautiful posture! 

Melanie L.  62

As a member of Rochelle's Monday night Tai Chi calss, I would like to say that it has benefited me greatly.  When I started the class , five weeks ago, I was using a cane for balance after knee surgery. After each class I saw noticable changes in my breathing, mobility, and balance. The movements vere not difficult or painful as physical therapy was. I no longer need a cane for balance. I can stand for longer periods of time, get up and sit down in a chair with strength in my leg muscles. Even my posture has improved tremendously. After leaving each class, I feel unstressed and rejuvenated. Many thanks to management and Rochelle for bringing Tai Chi to our active senior community!

Eleanor C.  72

Since working with Rochelle, my flexibility and range of motion has dramatically increased. She has taught me the importance of doing many of these types of movements and exercises daily, and has been a guiding inspiration for me to do more on my own, everyday! 

Marjorie M.  67

Rochelle's exercises helped me prep for and recover from both of my knees being replaced. Because I'm an active woman, and was meeting with Rochelle once per week in class, my muscles, tendons and ligaments were in good shape going into surgery. Recovery went smoothly, and Rochelle continued to give me therapeutic movements I was given in physical therapy. Rochelle's professionalism and attention to my needs help me continue to be active and independent at 82!


Jaqueline L.  82

I trained with Rochelle when she taught the LA County Residents LACERS group. She is an excellent instructor. She is patient and easy to understand as she teaches how the exercises are to be done properly. She is very motivating. Rochelle is a specialist, knows her stuff, and knows just what people over fifty-five need to be working on for our best health and quality of life. 

Victoria C.  57