Personal Coaching for the Healthiest Longterm

I motivate people to enhance their life through exercise in a sustainable way which means CONSISTENCY, healthy movement patterns, intelligent exercise programing, and healthy lifestyle choices for the LONG TERM. I teach my clients to know that change will happen from the inside out. Once they make fitness a LIFESTYLE, the aesthetic changes to their body - fat loss, muscle gain, better posture, are sure to follow. My expertise is in creating exercise modifications that fit not only individual capabilities, but each stage of life.
Though I am able to guide my clients in transforming their bodies with fat loss and muscle gain, I don't let my clients limit themselves to only focusing on changing the shape of their body, but educate them that some of the greatest benefits gained by training is in moving better, having joints with a greater range of motion, having better posture and balance, feeling better emotionally, gaining some control over symptoms of diseases and health issues, having greater mental clarity, all leading to accomplishing a more fulfilling life.

Training Benefits:

  • Better body composition (fat loss, muscle gain)
  • increased flexibility
  • increased efficiency of heart and lungs
  • muscular endurance
  • muscular strength
  • increased stability of joints
  • less reliance on medications
  • learning healthy movement patterns for less injury
  • slowing of bone loss
  • increased energy
  • positive changes to all parts of life - physical, cognitive, emotional