Balance Your Hormones - Embrace Your Life !

What is the first joyous thing you would do if your body felt up to it??

Throroughly embracing the zest we have for living begins with a balanced body system.  A system  that does what it's supposed to when it's supposed to, so your wellness feels "on track". When you are not driven to snack, when you are able to sleep and wake feeling refreshed, when health issues are under control, and when your exercise program is getting you results.  If this is just not happening for you, it's likely due to hormonal fluctuations of perimenopause, menopause or post menopause. This is especially true if you are nearing the "Big 5 - 0", which I just celebrated myself this year!! 

I totally understand, as we approach that special milestone, much of what had always worked in our exercise, food choices, and lifestyle, suddenly doesn't work anymore!! You are not imagining this! 

Our hormones affect and are affected by everything we do - exercise, sleep, foods we eat, how we manage stress and unplug from life - if at all in our overly distracted society!

What's more is that when one hormone is off balance, they're ALL off balance.  This causes our system to not feel "right".  You don't have energy when you need it, yet you can't sleep though you're completely exhausted, you don't see results with your dedicated exercise regimen and have seemingly resistant fat where you've never had it before!!  You're easily triggered into emotional meltdowns, and have unrelenting stacking urges (Uggg, I feel your pain!). Hormones control all of this!

Getting our system back on track starts with the foundation of exercise and healthy nutrition that works for YOU. Specific type and timing of things in all lifestyle areas are very important, too.  It takes wanting to make a change, then putting action into it. Change is never easy, but it is worth it, and WILL help you support healthy horomone balance so you will feel in control and empowered with a new beginning as you enter post menopause.  Healthy lifestyle choices are a huge part of the puzzle of having a healthy menopause. The other parts depend on learning all we can about what's going on inside our body at menopause. That way we can feel enlightened and empowered as we moving into our next chapter of life!

Want to know the best part of taking control of your health??  You will be able to truly embrace life as you move forward!!  Have energy for outings and vacations!

Conquer special projects you've wanted to accomplish!

Enjoy grandchildren!

Now I'll ask you again: 

What is the first joyous thing you would do if your body felt up to it??

I want you to seriously think about this and let me know.


Coach Rochelle