Final thoughts I'd like you to consider....

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When there are so many other fitness professionals out there, why am I the the best choice?  Why is my program the answer to your fitness struggles? Here are the reasons.  

I encourage you to learn what's going on inside your body as you enter into menoapuse and post menopause. Seek out information from experts and reputable sources, not small random blips in the media. Knowledgeable professionals are out there for us, we just need to do some searching. Lifestyle changes are a huge part of a healthy post menopause, but there are other, just as important pieces to this puzzle. As you educate yourself, you will also be empowering yourself to view all of your options. And isn't that truly at the heart of living a healthy lifestyle - to learn about your body, decide what you want, take charge and make change?

Second, I'm always learning. What I teach you is science-based, plus I'm very fortunate to have amazing mentors - those who've been my teachers at the beginning and those I've continued to learn from along my journey as a personal trainer these past ten years.  I want you to use the information I teach you, seek out some answers for yourself, and use it in the way that serves you best. 

Finally, I understand the fitness struggles you're going through as a woman over fifty.  I'm living it too. I know first hand what this change feels like. In so many ways, at this point in our lives, the obstacles we face are the same - unique in details, but both traveling the menopause journey. You're not getting coaching from someone who's not experienced the rollercoaster ride of menopause, being fifty, and the unique fitness challenges it brings - I'm right there with you taking that wild ride! My mission is to empower women make changes through education, exercise and lifestyle, and learning about themselves, to redefine menopause.


My added promise to you:

If, at any point during the programs you are not satisfied, I promise to give you back your first week's fees, no questions asked. This is a reflection of my certainty of the power of this program to change your body and mind, and of myself as your coach. This is my pledge to you.


Remember though, it costs nothing to ask me questions!  I am here for you when you're ready for me to walk with you on your journey.

Wishing you great success in health!

Coach Rochelle