Assisted Living Exercise Programs-

Helping Elderly Seniors Embrace Life

I am truly honored to have the opportunity to help communities of elders for the past five years at the Villas at San Bernardino.  Here, I get to work with "The Greatest Generation", those who are 90 plus, helping them to develop and maintain strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and stamina through my elder specific Functional Strength and Conditioning program. I use evidenced based exercises that are specific to strengthening the common areas of the body that weaken as a result of lack of use and aging, to create a highly effective elder focused training program. Some of these seniors are stll active out in the community, so I focus on helping them to be as mobile and independent to live their best quality life, even into their nineties!
These sessions are held multiple times per week. The elders who attend most consistently experience a wide range of changes in all body systems. My thorough program doesn't only make seniors more functional in their daily lives. Participants experience better moods, better mental clarity, more stamina, more agility in their movements, better digestive regularity and better sleep. Many of these elders have Parkinson's disease, MS, varying stages of Alzheimer's and dementia, are in wheelchairs, and have some hearing and vision loss, so I modify everything for each participant.
My sessions are also a very socially engaging experience the elders look forward to. I ensure that it's inclusive of all participants' capabilities, and give special attention and recognition to everyone throughout our lively sessions.
Benefits experienced from my Functional Strength and Conditioning Program for Elders:
  • decrease in falls
  • ease in activities of daily life
  • better circulation
  • better sleep
  • more fluidity in their movements with greater range of motion
  • less stiffness
  • increased energy
  • increased power and strength
  • better moods
  • better management of conditions
  • deeper connections with other residents
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